Timetable: Cellular Methods in Biomedical Research (2019)

Every Wednesday between 1:35 and 4:25





Sep 4 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Assessment of cell death and proliferation Maziar Divangahi email_icon
Sep 11 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Spectroscopy - theory & applications A Bateman email_icon
Sep 11 DEADLINE: Submission of topics for seminar/term paper
Sep 18 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Cell culture and cell migration Simon Rousseau email_icon
Sep 25 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Immunological techniques Christine McCusker email_icon
Oct 2 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Fluorescence and Confocal Microscopy John Presley email_icon
Oct 9 McIntyre Bldg Rm 210/11 Flow cytometry Jörg Fritz email_icon
Oct 16 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Student’s seminars  
Oct 23 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Student's seminars
Oct 30 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Student’s seminars
Nov 6 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Protein-protein interactions Stephane Laporte email_icon
Nov 13 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Electron Microscopy Joaquin Ortega email_icon
Nov 20 Montreal General Hospital
Rm L7-114
In vivo imaging Reza Farivaremail_icon
Nov 27 MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509 Immunocytochemistry, in situ hybridization, & laser capture Carolyn Baglole email_icon
Nov 27 DEADLINE: Submission of term paper
Dec 11 MUHC-RI (Glen): E-M1-3509 Final Exam 1:30 - 3:30

Updated 28 Aug, 2019