Student's seminars: 2019

MUHC-RI (Glen) Rm E-M1-3509
Seminars should be 12 min + 5 min question period




Wednesday, October 16

1:35 Luz Ramos Ballesteros Generation of genetically engineered animals for food: Methods, controversies and justifications
1:52 Owen Dunkley Recent progress in in vivo genome editing: Methods, comparative discussion and implications on health research
2:09 Sahar Mikaeeli In situ sequencing: sequencing genetic material directly from intact tissues
2:26 Karim Jabbour Scaffolds and cells for tissue engineering
2:43 --------------------------- Break    -------------------------------------------------------------------
3:00 Xavier Allard-Chamard DNA vaccines
3:17 Yujian Yang Dendritic cell vaccines
3:34 Michael Bruccoleri Oncolytic viruses in cancer therapy
3:51 Sheren Samuel Gene therapy

Wednesday, October 23

1:35 Michael Gong Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
1:52 Sarah Yull The use of transposons to study gene functions
2:09 Sai Priya Anand Targeting RNA using CRISPR
2:26 Cristian Galindo Intracellular probes to measure oxidative stress
2:43 --------------------------- Break    -------------------------------------------------------------------
3:00 Ishita Tandon  Methods used to assess angiogenesis
3:17 Wael Abdelmageed Production and applications of organoids
3:34 Noah Cohen Use of adoptive cell transfer in biomedical research
3:51 Dorsa Majdpour Optogenetics and its applications

Wednesday, October 30

1:35 Dhruv Chauhan In silico approaches to drug development
1:52 Jasman Jasman New methods for drug delivery and targeting (excluding carbon nanotubes)
2:09 Harvey Li Carbon nanotubes and their potential use for drug delivery
2:26 Pierre-Guy Millette Biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles
2:43 --------------------------- Break    -------------------------------------------------------------------
3:00 Vedasamhitha Ramavarapu Biomedical applications of 3D printing
3:17 Chad Poloni Single cell mass cytometry
3:34 Marie-Hélène Godin Pagé "Disease in a dish" using induced pluripotent stem cells

Updated 23 September, 2019