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Each student will present a seminar and term paper on the same topic. You should choose your topic form the list provided. Not more than one student can choose any given topic. You should select you topic as soon as possible while it is still free. You will receive comments by EMail after you present your seminar and you should take advantage of this to improve the quality of your term paper. Because of the time restriction, you may not be able to go into as much detail as you would like in your seminar, but you can expand on some points in your term paper. Please make sure not to copy text word-for-word from any source when you write your term paper. Put it in your own words. It is much better to make a few grammatical mistakes than to copy. You should read the guidelines liste on the left carefully.


General guidelines

There should be four main sections to your seminar/term paper:

  1. General introduction (history and literature review) - not too long (major focus should be on sections 2 & 3)
  2. Discussion of different aspects of the methodology and different approaches/methods. Make sure to discuss the advantages & disadvantages of different approaches and when one or the other should be used. The focus here should be on the methodology.
  3. Discussion of 2 recent original papers about applications of this methodology. The papers should illustrate different approaches and should be from different groups and not from your lab. You should show the most important figures relevant to the methodology and make sure to explain them well.
  4. Brief conclusion, perspective, and future directions

Make sure to read the specific guidelines for your seminar and term paper.