Student's seminars: 2019

MUHC-RI - Rm E-M1-3509
10 min seminars followed by 5 min question period

** Mac presentations




Wednesday, Jan 30

1:35 Steven Findlay** Use of Genome-Wide CRISPR-Screening to study cellular functions
1:50 Lauren Nagel** Recent progress in in vivo genome editing: Methods, comparative discussion and implications on health research
2:05 Claudia Dominici** Generation of genetically engineered animals for food: Methods, controversies and justifications
2:20 Sam Kajjo** Biomedical and therapeutic applications of aptamers
2:35 -------------------------------------------------- BREAK ---------------------------------------------------------
2:55 Samantha Worme** Single cell transcriptomics
3:10 Herthana Kandasamy** Chromatin immunoprecipitation
3:25 Michael Bruccoleri Recently-developed methods for the in vitro transfection of cells
3:40 Sahar Mikaeeli Targeting RNA using CRISPR

Wednesday, February 6

1:35 George Dong Probes for real-time detection and perturbation of cellular signaling
1:50 Peter Jeon Mapping of neuronal circuits
2:05 Ahmed Fouda High throughput methods to identify receptor antagonists 
2:20 Jordan Kruisselbrink Biomedical applications of 3D printing
2:35 -------------------------------------------------- BREAK ---------------------------------------------------------
2:55 Karla Paez Martinez** Identification of in vivo DNA targets of chromatin proteins using tethered Dam methyltransferase (DamID)
3:10 Joey Heath** Single-cell mass cytometry
3:25 Caitlin Anderson** Calcium Imaging in Live Animals

Wednesday, February 20

1:35 Arash Samiei Production and applications of organoids
1:50 Raidan Alyazid Organs on Chips to model human diseases
2:05 Rhythm Sharma Biomedical application of Magnetic Nanoparticles
2:20 Surbhi Kedia DNA vaccines
2:35 -------------------------------------------------- BREAK ---------------------------------------------------------
2:55 Aymane Deiri Oncolytic viruses in cancer therapy
3:10 Hetaben Patel Gene therapy
3:25 Martin Karam** Methods used to assess angiogenesis
3:40 Yuan Cao** Recent methods for drug delivery and targeting

Updated 19 Feb, 2019