Evaluation of student's seminars

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You will get 5% of your final mark if you complete an evaluation form for all three of the student's seminars days. You should give a mark of between 1 (Poor) and 10 (Excellent) for each of the categories listed below. It is hoped that by evaluating the seminars of other students you will learn something about the factors that contribute to a good seminar. You should remember that your seminar will be judged on the same basis and you should consider all of the points listed below when you prepare your own seminar.


  • Was the presentation too long or too short?
  • Did the speaker have time to present all the material?

  • Delivery

  • Did the speaker show some enthusiasm for the subject?
  • Was there any difficulty in hearing the speaker?
  • Were the overheads/slides explained well?

  • Slides

  • Were the slides easy to read and understand, or was there too much material?
  • Were cartoons, illustrations, and figures used effectively?
  • Was there too much text?

  • Content

  • Was the topic covered well?
  • Were any very important areas left out?
  • Did the speaker explain clearly the applications of the method being discussed?
  • Were appropriate examples given from recent scientific literature?
  • Were the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches discussed?
  • Was there a discussion of the controls required for the method?

  • Organization

  • Was there a logical progression from one section to the next?

  • Questions

    • Were the questions answered well?
    • Did the speaker have a good understanding of their topic?

    Overall mark

  • Considering all of the above, give an overall mark for the presentation. The points listed above should be a guideline for determining the overall mark, and you can weight the different components as you see fit. You should fill in all of the boxes, but only the overall mark will be used in grading the seminars.
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